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Empty nesters complete 'longevity gap year' travelling the world

Empty nest syndrome is what many parents go through after their kids start living on their own. Chris and Galina Saye, both 52, decided to spend a gap year on their own after their youngest son left home. Travelling together brought them to a discovery of new things about every place.

Looking for a new purpose they visited four of the world’s ‘Blue Zones,’ classified by National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner as the places where people live the longest and are healthiest. The couple traveled the world learning about longevity, family values, hard work, food and community.

Finally, they discovered their new shared passion - creating homes. Moreover, Chris has also written a book about the couple's gap year adventure and together with his wife they are now planning to open a plant-based coffee shop.

Galina gives an advice to all the parents preparing to be empty nesters:

“When we decided to stick together, I was sure that love in terms of that trembling in the heart would come back and it did, as I was open for it to come back. As long as the heart is open, the love is always there.”


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