Longevity Policy & Governance Summits  

The world’s first international, cross-border, cross-sector summit on International Longevity Policy and Governance as part of Longevity Forum’s Longevity Week 2019, bringing together world-leading policy experts, representatives of government bodies, departments, healthcare and finance ministries, executives of healthcare and financial corporations to discuss, network and collaborate on initiatives to promote international longevity development.

This half-day conference looked at the international response to harnessing the opportunities of an ageing demographic, and what lessons can be learned and shared across countries from a policy perspective – taking a whole society, cross sector, pan-government approach.

The inaugural, exclusive and invitation-only AI for Longevity Summit, organized at King’s College London, brought together leading scientists, industry players, and experts to highlight the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence for Longevity and the practical implementation of longevity technologies and therapeutics. It was the first in a series of conferences, which we expect to become the world-leading forum on AI for Longevity. 


AI for Longevity Summit was organised by Aging Research at King’s (ARK) and AI Longevity Consortium at King’s College London, and was supported by Biogerontology Research Foundation, Aging Analytics Agency and Deep Knowledge Ventures

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