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We, the International Longevity Alliance members, believe that these goals are crucial. Our collective action aims to hasten the development of safe and effective biomedical technologies, enabling individuals to control aging processes, prevent age-related diseases, and enjoy more healthy and active years.

Through scientific research, collaboration, and advocacy, we aspire to usher in an era where innovative solutions address the challenges of aging, enhancing global quality of life. We advocate for increased awareness, research funding, and policy support to facilitate the development and accessibility of biomedical interventions. Join us in creating a more sustainable and equitable global future, where the benefits of longevity are universally shared.

Together, the International Longevity Alliance strives to unlock the potential of biomedical advancements, transcending aging limitations and allowing individuals to lead longer, healthier lives.

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Who we are?

As members of the International Longevity Alliance, we believe in the potential of evidence-based biotechnologies to prevent degenerative aging processes, extending the healthy human lifespan. Through scientific research and collaboration, we aim to advance solutions for healthier aging.

Our commitment centers on the practicality of utilizing innovative biotechnologies to address aging challenges. By promoting research and fostering collaboration, we envision a future where individuals enjoy extended periods of health and vitality.

We advocate for increased investment in longevity science, recognizing its potential to positively impact the aging process. Join us in championing evidence-based approaches and contributing to a global environment that prioritizes the development and accessibility of interventions for healthier aging.

As representatives of the International Longevity Alliance, we welcome like-minded individuals to join our mission. Together, let us support the advancement of biotechnologies for a longer, more fulfilling lifespan for all.

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History of the International Longevity Alliance

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Longevity Industry Ecosystem in Israel

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Longevity Nation Conference

Longevity Nation Conference

The Israel Longevity Industry Ecosystem IT Platform was first unveiled at the Longevity Nation conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, which featured headline talks by a critical mass of Longevity thought-leaders including Ilia Stambler, Dmitry Kaminskiy, Nir Barzilai, Aubrey de Grey, Evelyne Bischof and more than 30 others from around the globe.


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