Longevity.International is a first-of-its-kind, open-access non-profit decentralized Longevity Industry Knowledge and Collaboration platform with the aim of promoting a greater degree of synergy, efficient cooperation, and discussion among a variety of Longevity Industry participants and stakeholders, including companies, investors, non-profits, academic labs and R&D hubs, governmental bodies and policy makers.  

The platform was initiated by Ian Inkster, and launched by a number of institutional co-founders including the Biogerontology Research Foundation (UK), Kitalys Institute (USA), Cambridge University Longevity Society (UK), Oxford Society for Ageing and Longevity (UK), The Millennium Project (Washington, D.C., USA), Gerontology Research Group (USA), Aging Intervention Foundation (USA), Aging Metrics (USA), Hype50+ (Brazil), Aging Analytics Agency (UK), Ibero-American Futurists Network (Spain and Portugal), Canadian Longevity Association (Canada), World Future Society Venezuela, World Future Society Spain, World Future Society Mexico, London Longevity Society (UK), Longevity Swiss Association (Switzerland), Gerontology Section of the Moscow Society of Naturalists (Russia), International Longevity Alliance (Global) and Vetek Association (Israel).

The platform utilizes sophisticated data-driven analytics provided by Aging Analytics Agency and advanced IT solutions (including interactive industry databases with intelligent multi-parametric search and filter capabilities) sponsored by Deep Knowledge Group.

We welcome other non-profits and non-commercial entities seeking to transform the challenge of aging into the opportunity of Longevity to join us as institutional partners, and relevant commercial organizations are encouraged to join as sponsors.

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