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Gulf Longevity Initiative

Gulf Longevity Initiative is a leading Longevity Policy Hub and think tank, part of Deep Knowledge Group's consortium, working to leverage the regional strengths and potential of Gulf countries to turn their nations into a world-leading Longevity Hub.

Gulf Longevity Initiative seeks to unite the resources of several Gulf countries towards the shared goal of concerted Longevity Industrialization, the improvement of public health and the optimization and extension of healthy aging. The initiative aims to enable the population to age better through the synthesis of early disease detection and preventive medicine. The combined industrial assets of Gulf countries provide all the resources required to create and maintain an internationally competitive position within the Global Longevity Industry.

Gulf Region Longevity Initiative Concept

Gulf Region Longevity Initiative Concept.jpg

Gulf Region Longevity Initiative Concept, developed by Aging Analytics Agency and Deep Knowledge Analytics,  subsidiaries of Deep Knowledge Group designed to highlight Gulf countries at the forefront of collaborative efforts aimed at creating and advancing Healthy Longevity Hubs similar to the UK, Switzerland, Israel, Singapore and Japan. The concept is aimed to introduce key developments and opportunities in the Gulf Longevity sphere.

Gulf Region Analytical Reports

Life Science in the United Arab Emirates .jpg

Life Science in the United Arab Emirates 

GovTech Development .webp

GovTech Development During COVID-19 Special Edition

image 2 (1).jpg

DeepTech in Gulf Region Industry
Landscape Overview 2020


COVID-19 City Safety Ranking

image 3 (2).jpg

Advanced Biomedicine in the Gulf Region Landscape Overview

report cover 2_edited.webp

Pandemic-Resilient Cities
Ranking 2022

Notable Acknowledgements


Peter Fischer

Ambassador of Germany to UAE

German ambassador to United Arab Emirates & Permanent Representative to IRENA, Peter Fischer, tweeted Deep Knowledge Group's COVID-19 Rankings published on 14th of April 2020

abu-dhabi-chamber-logo-vector 1.jpg

Abu Dhabi Chamber


The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce tweeted Deep Knowledge Group's COVID-19 Rankings published on 14th of April 2020

Ahmed Bin Sulayem_edited.jpg

Ahmed Bin Sulayem

Executive Chairman of DMCC

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce tweeted Deep Knowledge Group's COVID-19 Rankings published on 14th of April 2020

CGC 1.jpg

Ministry of Media

The Saudi Government Communication Center

The Government Communication Center is one of the vital arms of the Ministry of Information, whose main task is to strengthen and integrate the tools of government communication. The Center tweeted about Deep Knowledge Group's COVID-19 Safety Ranking published on 4th of June 2020

Majed Al Raeesi_edited.jpg

Majed Al Raeesi

Strategic Communication Expert

Majed Al Raeesi is a Political Analyst, writer and Strategic Communication tweeted about Deep Knowledge Group's COVID-19 Safety Ranking published on 4th of June 2020



Abu Dhabi ranked best city in the world for pandemic response

Deep Knowledge Group (DKG), a London-based analytical institute specialising in advanced analytics, has revealed in a new study that Abu Dhabi has come out top in the group's rankings as the safest city in the world thanks to its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time-Out-logo 1 (3).png
download (1).jpg

UAE rated among top 10 countries by millionaires seeking health security

The UAE’s investment migration programme has been rated the best in the Middle East and the Arab world and among the top 10 globally by the millionaires seeking health security, according to Deep Knowledge Analytics and Henley & Partners' new research.

khaleej-times-vector-logo 1.png
image 1 (5).png

Saudi Arabia ranks 17th in the world in the face of Corona

"The Government Communication Center - via Twitter - explained that the report of the DEEP KNOWLEDGE GROUP included 200 countries. The Kingdom ranked 17th in the first category, which includes 20 countries, ahead of major countries, including the G20."

Logo16_9 1 (1).png

Saudi Arabia’s handling of COVID-19 has been exemplary

"The rankings, by the Deep Knowledge Group, are not only based on how many COVID-19 infections or deaths there have been in each country. Rather, it is a complex series of assessments on multiple medical, economic and political factors."

45-logo-mobile-new 1.png

Covid-19 pushes migration enquiries into overdrive

"Several countries that host (investment migration options) programmes rank highly on indexes such as the 2020 Global Peace Index (GPI), which measures the level of peacefulness in 163 states; the World Bank’s 2020 Ease of Doing Business ranking of 190 economies; and Deep Knowledge Analytics’ updated Covid-19 Regional Safety Assessment rank of 250 countries, regions and territories released in August."

b5560b15f55aeac76aa8f8fa2451e216 1 (1).jpg

Saudi Arabia among the safest countries for COVID-19: Study

"The Kingdom ranked 17th among the safest countries in the world for coronavirus, according to the report prepared by Deep Knowledge Group. The regional assessment report is based on 130 quantitative and qualitative parameters and over 11,400 data points in categories like quarantine efficiency, monitoring and detection, health readiness, and government efficiency."

SG-logo 1 (1) 1.png

90% of COVID-19 patients in Saudi Arabia recover as infection rate passes 300,000 mark

"Saudi Arabia has been ranked 17th among the top 20 safest countries in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a regional safety assessment analysis conducted by Hong Kong-based consortium, Deep Knowledge Group."

45-logo-mobile-new 1.png

Dubai given safe tourism stamp of approval amid global pandemic

"The UAE has been praised for its coronavirus response. A survey by the Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of technology companies and non-profit organisations, last month ranked the Emirates as 11th on the list in its responses to the pandemic." 

The_National_Newspaper_Logo 1 (1).jpg
download (2).jpg

UAE one of safest countries in the world for Covid-19: Report

"The UAE is among the safest countries worldwide for Covid-19, according to a comprehensive report released this week. The Deep Knowledge Group has produced a 250-page dossier in which it assesses and ranks 100 countries according to their response to the pandemic."

khaleej-times-vector-logo 1.png
Opportunities for Cooperation and Collaboration

Gulf Longevity Initiative is interested in cooperation, collaboration and initiating dialogue from a number of relevant organizations actively involved in Gulf Longevity Industry, including relevant policy-focused NGOs and think-tanks  to establish a framework for the coordinated development of nations' Longevity policies and governance sphere.

Growing the Gulf Longevity Ecosystem to Scale

Gulf Longevity Initiative is aiming to work with a number of key Gulf Longevity Industry participants and stakeholders to develop a framework and blueprint for a National Longevity Development Plan to increase the national Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE) of all Gulf countries.

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