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Ranking of Top-50 Longevity Charities

We have drawn up a long list of charities, including non-profit organisations and foundations related to the Longevity industry. A special emphasis is placed on age-related organisations conducting research into the ageing process and developing longevity technologies for the purpose of gaining an in-depth and holistic understanding of the biology of ageing.

Longevity Charities have been analysed according to eight main indicators:

1. Finance & Economy: income, administrative expenses ratio, amount of foundation grants, government support, availability of annual sponsorship dinners, and evidence-based effectiveness are taken into account.

2. Coverage Volume: the indicator includes the number of countries involved in organisations’ operations.

3.Services Volume: the indicator comprises the number of directions in which charities are engaged.

4. Social Engagement: the presence in social media, number of followers and posts, technical website mark, the number of conferences attended during 2020, and awards received are taken into consideration. 

5. Social Impact: the indicator analyses the positive changes that a charity helps people achieve, including the broader effect it has on government and society at large.  

6. Innovative Outputs: the indicator is designated by statistics on patents, grants, scientific publications, partnerships, and the number of invested projects.

7. Governance Effectiveness: the indicator refers to the framework concerned with managing the executives' effectiveness, supervision of an organisation, independence of board members, and availability of the Code of interest policy.

8. Transparency: the indicator stands for the willingness of a charity to publish and make available critical data about an organisation.

If no financial data on a charity is available, an organisation gets 1 point. Sum of the points gives the Longevity Charities’ ranking. 

Top-50 Longevity Charities have been chosen based on computed marks and review of management, innovative outputs, financials, and social impact. The main purpose is to identify organisations that work to develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to therapies that cure and prevent the diseases and disabilities of ageing. 

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