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Longevity Biomarkers 
Landscape Overview Q4 2021


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This analytical study provides a review of aging-related and Longevity biomarkers. It contains selected lists, rankings, and profiles of more than 100 single biomarkers correlated with age-related diseases and disorders. An increasing role of Artificial Intelligence applications in the field of the biomarkers industry is also introduced. 

Biomarkers are an essential factor in the Aging Analytics Agency's strategic agenda, which includes policy proposals to national and international governance bodies on how to effectively increase National Healthy Longevity via practical implementation of P4 medicine technologies. It is essential to develop and promote the widespread use of panels of biomarkers that are validated and actionable. 

The report documents various aging-related biomarkers and identifies from among them those which, by the metrics described, belong to the category we have named Minimum Required: the Most Viable Products for immediate implementation. 

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